How to Choose an AAMS Certified Online Casino

What makes a casino siteleri safe, reliable, transparent, profitable? What are the sites to play and have fun without worries? What is AAMS certification and why is it very important to know the best online casinos? Probably, you read somewhere that by registering for free on the site of an online casino you will receive a nice welcome bonus and want to try playing for the first time. To do this – remember – you must be at least 18 years old! Here is a complete guide to identify the best, with information and tips that will be very useful to you: As you know, online casinos offer the chance to play for real money and, therefore, deposit them to make your bet or withdraw them if you win. Like all paid service providers, gaming sites are also allowed to request customer data. Therefore, security and transparency are fundamental. First, make sure you choose an online casino with AAMS certification.

But what is AAMS?

The Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies, a body of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, deals with the management of the public game and therefore has the task of constantly checking the regularity of the behavior of the operators to guarantee a legal and responsible gaming environment , in a “widely monitored and technologically advanced context”. The AAMS concession makes a casino safe, transparent. Check if there is on the site. You can find it at the top right or at the bottom of the site. An AAMS certified online casino is licensed to operate in Italy. On the web, however, you will also find many casino sites that end with “.com” and you must know that these sites are not authorized to operate in our country. They risk being overshadowed by the Monopoly at any moment. An AAMS online casino has passed considerable and strict controls and has all the requirements in terms of reliability and security!

To choose the best online casino, make sure it has:

A customer assistance service always at your disposal, reachable either by live chat or by email.

Constant support is essential free and no deposit welcome bonusAn advantageous bonus on the first deposit.

Secure payment methods that do not have extra fees on withdrawals and deposits.

A wide range of online games available whether you’re having fun on a PC or enjoying yourself on your smartphone.