I Just Got Back from Europe

I just got back from Europe and I suppose that there is not much way to sugar coat the way that things went. It was unmitigated disaster and it is a good thing for me that there is not any way that they can pin any of the blame upon me. One of the vice presidents is the guy that ate that and he is gone like the wind. At any rate I sat around the hotel lobby and bar a lot, then I did a lot of sight seeing and I learned what casino siteleri means from a bunch of guys in what seemed like a sports bar. That is just a gambling web site and I made a bunch of small bets on stuff I did not know anything about, just to kill time as best as I could. I even bet on a cricket match while this computer scientist from Bangalore explained the game to me. To be honest I found his strange accent far more entertaining than I found the game, but there were a lot of Indians there who were enraptured in the drama of cricket.

At any rate they eventually admitted that the deal was not ever going to happen, in fact by this time the guy who had been involved in the other side had apparently fled the country with a briefcase filled with cash. The company never wanted to pay him the bribe that he wanted, believing me when I told them that there was not any way that we could trust him. What do you do when you bribe a guy and he does not do the thing that you bribed him to do? The answer is that you really can not do much of anything at all, and only a fool would have trusted this guy.